DisasterReady and CFSI

In June 2017, Community and Family Services International (CFSI) was requested—and assisted—by the Cornerstone by Demand Foundation, to make a short video on CFSI’s use of the DisasterReady learning platform.

DisasterReady serves as an incredibly helpful learning opportunity for all CFSI staff members, as it is readily available on one’s various gadgets, whenever and wherever, online or offline. This learning platform, tailored to the needs and interests of CFSI, not only provides staff with easy access to all its resources but also allows them to keep record of their training, and continue on the path of enhancing one’s knowledge.

This video focuses on the impact of DisasterReady on CFSI and features the story of John Lico, a CFSI staff member who, with his family, survived the Sendong Disaster in Northern Mindanao. John later carried on with CFSI to serve in disasters such as Pablo, Haiyan, and most recently, the Marawi Crisis.