Stories from the Field: Psychosocial Support for Mothers

Saguiaran is one of the places where the survivors of the Marawi Crisis fled. Currently, it has a large number of evacuees, both home-based or in evacuation centres, occupying most of the barangays within the municipality. In the Poblacion Plaza of Saguiaran and during the conduct of the CFSI Team’s Psychosocial Training with Mothers on 15 September, one mother was teary-eyed while sharing her family’s experience of leaving their house the day after the outburst of conflict.  While she shared a little about her family’s former source of income — selling street food — she emphasised that her only wish was to once again see her neighbours from Banggolo, Marawi. Before Banggolo was devastated by the siege, it was considered to be the centre of the city.  People from various municipalities went there to spend leisurely time with their family and friends.

During this Psychosocial Training with Mothers, I was greatly moved to meet someone who found time to think of her neighbours and their current situation, in spite of the difficulties she and her family were also faced with. The other mothers in the evacuation centre shared that she has been a loving neighbour to them in the Poblacion Plaza of Saguiaran, particularly to those who underwent the same learning sessions as she did. Now living under one roof, they are able to interact and help each other cope every day.

— Fahada B. Camim

PSS for Mothers 2